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Exercise and Health

by Sang Whang

We all know that exercise is good for our health.  It helps burn calories and discharge acidic wastes through perspiration.  It also tones muscles and helps build a lean and muscular body.  Through exercise, many people lose weight and improve their health.

Then, why isn’t everybody exercising?  We have many excuses but also some justifiable reasons for not exercising.  Proper exercise is both time-consuming and hard work.  Quick and easy exercises are not as effective for health improvement.  And some of us are physically unable to exercise properly. 

One of the difficulties of exercise is knowing when we are over-doing it, which leads to lactic acid buildup, which could create problems.  Lactic acid is induced by the lack of oxygen due to improper breathing or pushing beyond the limits.  Lactic acid could cause exercise-induced asthma. 

As we age, we build up acid debris or blood clots in our blood.  These are the results of too much acid in our body.  During exercise, our blood pressure could be extremely high temporarily.  This is why we measure blood pressure in a relaxed mood to get consistent readings.  While exercising, there is the risk of debris or clots being pushed by the extremely high pressure and plug up our blood vessels leading to a critical part of our brain.  This is why we hear many people having strokes during exercise. 

It is imperative that we eliminate these debris or clots before any rigorous exercise regimen.  Alkaline water is the only solution to dissolve these acidic solids in our blood.  Blood thinner is not the solution.  Blood thinners may force the blood to be fluid under an acidic environment, but they do not change the environment from acid to alkaline; therefore, it does not dissolve the acidic solids in the blood. 

Another benefit of exercise is that it warms the body internally, especially the muscles.  Heat makes us sweat out the acidic wastes/heavy metals accumulated under the skin.  

On the other hand, if we over-exercise, our arms and legs will be sore the following day.  Stress and over-exercising burn nutrients fast and create concentrations of acidic waste.  These wastes are created so fast that normal blood circulation could not carry them out fast enough and they form pools of concentrated acid.  When this happens, capillaries surrounding the pools of acids get clogged up, preventing normal blood circulation to get the acid out.   

Initially, these spots, where nutrients are burning fast, are high in temperature, then cool off after blood circulation is blocked.  This blocked blood circulation is the cause of pain or soreness.  Thermo graphic photos show a lower temperature at the location of pain/soreness.  Since the original clogging action of the capillaries takes place at high temperature, and then the lower temperature shrinks the capillaries, the removal of acidic wastes becomes more difficult. 

We need to heat the acid concentration area.  If the soreness is not severe, we can exercise more to force the temperature up to expand the capillaries to enable blood circulation.  This exercise cannot be so severe as to create more acidic wastes, but just enough to heat expand the clogged up capillaries. 

To heat the area of acid inside our body without any further exercise, we can use FIR (far infrared ray) heating pads for deep heating.  FIR frequency is the same as the water molecule resonance frequency; therefore, it can heat water the best.  This is the reason why FIR heat penetrates deep inside our body.  Regular heating pads must burn the skin to heat inside by conduction means. 

Once the area is heated by FIR, without creating any additional acidic wastes, the clogged up capillaries are expanded.  When one part of our body is hotter than the other surrounding parts, our body rushes blood in to even out the temperature.  This temperature balancing action allows the blood to carry out the acids and relieve pain.  These acids are now distributed throughout the body.  Massage, acupressure and vibrators are helpful in distributing the wastes to relieve pain.  To get them outside of our body, we must drink more alkaline water.  Note that there is no pain-killing medicine involved here.  

Where there is a pool of acidic wastes surrounded by clogged up capillaries and blood circulation is cut off, there is pain, provided that there are nerve endings to feel the pain.  Unfortunately, many places inside our body do not have nerve endings.  Some people walk around with leftover surgical tools in their body!  Many of us are walking around with acidic concentration(s) in our body, undetected.  By the time it grew so big that we feel pain, even in areas without any nerve endings, it is usually too late.  That is why adults over 40 are advised to have regular checkups, hoping for early discoveries. 

To prevent this kind of tragedy, I recommend FIR sauna to heat the body internally and drink ample alkaline water.  When the body is more alkaline, it is less likely for acidic wastes to form. 

Exercise is good, but make sure you know what you are doing.  Combining alkaline water with exercise will diminish any side effects of exercise: for example, lactic acid will be neutralized by alkaline water.

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